Hillary Clinton says that her first order of business as President will be restoring Toblerone chocolate bars to their original size and shape.

There has been international outrage over the past 24 hours after it was revealed that the popular chocolates were being reduced in size by 10 percent, with unusual gaps now appearing in the delicious snack. ┬áIt’s manufacturer says it is a cost saving exercise.


Chocolate lovers around the world have been furious and Clinton says she is prepared to act.

“Forget the war on drugs, the war on ISIS, the war on poverty,” Ms Clinton said in a statement.

“My first order of business as the President of the United States will be to restore Toblerone to its former glory.”toblerone

Ms Clinton vowed to “Make Toblerone Great Again”, and said she will place all other business aside to act on the matter as soon as taking office.