Donald Trump says his first nominee to the Supreme Court will be popular television lawmaker, Judge Judy, if he is elected as President.


The Republican says that he likes the “no-nonsense” attitude of Judge Judy, whose full name is Judith Sheindlin, saying that after twenty years of service to the judiciary, she has earned her place on the top bench.

“I mean she’s not a ten, she’s definitely not a ten, she’s nowhere close to being a ten, but we don’t want tens on the bench…they will distract the other judges,” Trump told Broken News from Republican headquarters in New York. “We need fours in there.  And she’s a four.  But even as a four, she’s a good judge.  She definitely means business.  And that’s what we want.”

“I’ve never actually met her, but I’ve watched her show on my lunch break hundreds of times, and I like her style.”

“Just last week she made a girl give an engagement ring back to a guy who she cheated on.  That’s the kind of justice I want dished out in America.  That’s the kind of justice that is going to make America Great Again.”