Mexicans who are worried that Donald Trump’s promised border-wall may prevent them from entering the United States have been thrown a lifeline courtesy of international retail and delivery company Amazon.

How the service could work.

Amazon has announced an extension of its drone delivery service which has, until now, only been used to deliver books and DVD’s to customers during a trial.  But Amazon has announced a bold expansion plan, promising it will be able to deliver people who are hoping for a better life in the United States.

For $99.95 per person, Amazon will sent one of its Amazimmigration Drones to collect would-be immigrants from their home in any number of towns in northern Mexico and deliver them over the wall and safely to a location in either Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas.  The company says the whole process can be complete in thirty minutes or less and an even happen at night.  Amazon is also offering a $499.95 family package that would allow up to 8 family members to cross the wall.

Amazon says it has been testing its new drones for months, and has been planning the service ever since Donald Trump announced his plans to build the wall.  Now that he has been elected President, the company has brought its launch date forward.

“We’ve load-tested the drones up to 120 kilograms,” an Amazon spokesperson told Broken News, “and we’ve had a one hundred percent success rate.”


“It actually doesn’t matter how high Donald Trump builds his wall.  Our drones can go more than 100 metres into the air, so however high he goes, we can go higher.”

The company says that although it is only selling one-way trips from Mexico to the US at the moment, it is also considering a service to deliver Americans who wish to flee a Trump presidency, safely to a new home in Mexico.