Australian Senator Cory Bernardi is at an ethical crossroads as he tries to balance his deep opposition to same-sex marriage, with his deep desire to marry Donald Trump.


The Senator is one of Australia’s most conservative politicians and his love for the politics and policies of Donald Trump are well known.  But during a recent trip to the United States, coinciding with the US election, Bernardi realised his feelings were a little stronger

“I love him, I do love him,” Bernardi confided in a friend.  “I know that he is taken at the moment, but he has a tendency to divorce fairly easily, and if he does, I might be in with a chance.”

Bernardi is understood to have told friends that his feeling towards Trump have caused him to have an internal moral crisis.  His opposition to same-sex marriage has been on the public record for some time.

“It’s difficult to say it, but now I’m starting to understand how sad it is to not be able to marry the man you love,” Bernardi told a friend via text messsage.  “I’m going to need to give this a bit more thought.”