Republican Vice-President elect Mike Pence has carefully selected a broom to help him clean up after Donald Trump for the duration of his Presidency.  Mr Trump will be President for at least four, and up to eight years, so Mr Pence is adamant that his broom must be sturdy and able to withstand many, many months of sweeping.

pence 2Pence has the unenviable task of clarifying many of Trump’s egregious statements and toning down many of his plans.  It is a thankless task and Washington insiders have estimated that Pence will spend up to 80 percent of his time, or 20 hours a day, cleaning up after Trump.

To make the job easier, Pence has selected a sturdy broom that will make the clean up process easier.  He chose an ergonomically designed broomstick, in the knowledge that he was likely to be using it for protracted periods of time, without any time for rest or relaxation.

Pence opted for a model with stiff bristles and received a personal guarantee from the broom salesperson that it had the capacity and durability to last for the remaining three months of the Presidential campaign.

Broken News understands that while Vice-President Pence will use the broom until the inauguration in January, he is already looking at more sophisticated clean-up options such as an electric powered vacuum cleaner, and even considering delegating a member of the White House cleaning staff to take care of the clean-up duties in a full time capacity.