Aren’t you sick of the most boring people ever winning Australian of the Year?

Well here is a bloke who deserves the award more than anyone we’ve ever come across.


Look we know there are people out there curing cancer and helping the poor and doing a lot of do-gooder stuff that usually gets them nominated for the big award, but they’re nothing compared to this bloke the legends at The Today Show discovered this morning.

When a crime was committed across the road, old mate jumped out of bed in nothing but his reg grundies and went to the rescue.  Hearing him describe it in his own words is something else altogether.

Have a listen to what he says happened:

His name is Daniel McConnell and we reckon he should be Australian of the Year.

Join us in letting the mugs at know about it and let them know we won’t rest until this bloke gets the top gong on January 26.

At the moment, the Queensland nominee is a molecular scientist, who has probably done some great things in molecular scientology, but has he fought crime in his undies at 2am?

We don’t think so.

So get behind our campaign to support Daniel.

Click here and you’ll be taken to the official form to nominate him for Australian of the Year.