It’s that time of year again!  Your opportunity to vote for the Broken News person of the year.  We’ve narrowed it down to five nominees, but you can also nominate your own candidate, by letting us know on our Facebook page.

The voting form is at the bottom of this page.  We were a bit disappointed when Time Magazine named Donald Trump as their Person of the Year.  Actually, we were mostly just pretty surprised that Time Magazine even exists any more.  Anyway, we decided there are far more deserving nominees.  And here they are:

Drumroll please.


Photo: Nine Network

His real name is Daniel McConnell and he gave one of the most cracking interviews ever on breakfast television.  He’s a hero, a crimefighter and a bloody legend.  You can refresh your memory about him here.


Photo: Cincinnatti Zoo

This is still very difficult for us to talk about, but if Harmabe wins, he will be the first ever posthumous recipient of the Broken News Person of the Year and also the first ever gorilla to win Person of the Year.


Photo: Nine News

We need more people like her, which is why we’ve nominated her as Person of the Year.  She found a wallet at the races and just wanted to get it back to its owner, live on television.


This bloke was the best part of the Presidential debates and to be honest, he’d probably make a better President.  We even found out how you could match his look and buy his trademark sweater.  If you love the Bone, then vote for him below.


There’s been a lot of controversy about the roo that copped a punch to the scone, and while we’re not going to jump into the debate, we’re just going to say that any kangaroo that’s still on its feet after a punch in the chops like that, is a hero in our books.


While we officially award Person of the Year, this group actually embodies the values of the award.  Anyone that can do a shoey in some budgie smugglers and then get arrested and spend a couple of days in a Malaysian jail needs a decent end to the year.  So maybe these guys deserve your vote.