The world is in shock today, at the news that Time magazine still exists, after it was revealed that the print publication had named Donald Trump has its “Person of the Year”.

Members of the public were in utter disbelief, not at the magazine’s choice of Trump as winner, but that a weekly print news magazine is still being printed in an era where most people get their news on Facebook, and most of that news is made up in clickbait news factories in Romania anyway.

Even newsagents who were asked to stock the annual bumper issue, were utterly confused.

“How on earth do they make any money,” one newsagent told Broken News.

“I literally haven’t sold a copy of Time Magazine since 1998,” he continued.  “Next thing you’ll tell me that people are still writing letters to Penthouse.”

The ageing publication, was popular in the twentieth century, at one point boasting millions of subscribers.  It suffered massive losses, like many other print publications, but news that it is still alive, albeit on life support came as a massive shock.

Some younger people have never even heard of the once iconic publication.

“Time Magazine…is that for, like, watch collectors or something,” one confused millenial on the Broken News staff asked at our editorial meeting this morning.

“No, no, it’s Thyme Magazine.   It’s a gardening thing,” another staffer chimed in, before a bemused, older member of the Broken News staff set the younger team-members straight.