A new study has revealed that no one give a rats arse about any of the Year in Review videos that popping up in Facebook feeds this December.

Professor Alan Moriarty from the University of Western Adelaide, who conducted the research, told Broken News that “literally no sh*ts were given” about the videos and that he was surprised Facebook continued to persist with them.

“We have conducted an analysis of nearly a thousand of these videos every December since 2013,” the Professor says.  “And the results are clear: literally no one gives a sh*t about anyone’s video except their own.”

“I mean, think about it.  Do you really need to know that overweight Larry from accounts’  most liked photo was a shot of him and his kids riding an elephant in Thailand.  Of course you don’t.”

“And if you’re Facestalking a potential crush – the Year in Review video is a horrible way to do it.  You can’t zoom in or anything.  It’s a complete waste of time.”

Professor Moriarty says that most people were curious about watching their own video at least once.  But as soon as the video is shared, literally no one else could give two hoots about it.

“Some friends will like the videos, but it is usually out of pity,” the Professor says.  “Some people will even write ‘cute’ or ‘amazing’ in the comments – but rest assured – these people have neither watched the video, nor actually given the slightest sh*t about it.”

Professor Moriarty concluded by telling us “don’t even get me started about the #BestNine phenomenon on Instagram.  That’s a whole other study.”