Despite a long holiday over summer, Australian prime Minister still looks like Grumpy Cat, recent photographs have revealed.

The phenomenon was first spotted by the Broken News team last July but it seems that not even a long Christmas holiday spent swimming in a Point Piper money pool could improve Mr Turnbull’s mood, and this most recent set of images prove irrefutably that Turnbull and Grumpy Cat must be related.

The resemblance, as you can see, is uncanny.

Those eyes.  That frowning expression.  They belong to the most famous cat on the planet.

Our DNA enquiries are continuing into whether there is a family link between the Liberal leader and the cat from Morristown, Arizona, who found internet fame in 2012 as “Grumpy Cat.”

In the mean time, we reckon the travel rorts affair has given the PM every reason to be grumpy.