Australian Idol runner-up Shannon Noll has been charged with the crime of visiting the South Australian capital of Adelaide.  A police charge sheet, obtained by Broken News says that Mr Noll is accused of “visiting Adelaide with no fit and proper reason,” with even local police admitting that “there is actually no fit and proper reason that anyone should be visiting the state, let alone this city.”

National media had reported that Mr Noll had been charged after an altercation at a strip club, but Broken News has learned from senior police that there is more to the story.

“There are rumours of altercation at a strip club but we can’t verify them,” South Australia’s Commissioner of Police told Broken News.  “We are simply charging Noll with the  summary offence of visiting Adelaide.”

“There can be no excuses for this.  People have known for decades that visiting Adelaide can bring great shame and humiliation on not only the offender responsible for the visit, but also their friends and family who are left to pick up the pieces.”

The crime of visiting Adelaide carries a maximum custodial sentence of ten years imprisonment.

When asked about CCTV which had been circulated of Noll, allegedly depicting him outside the Crazy Horse strip club, police said that they were investigating.

Footage aired by Nine News appeared to show Noll in Adelaide

“If the video proves that Mr Noll indeed visited Adelaide, then we will use it in evidence of prosecution,” the Commissioner told Broken News in a statement.  “If genuine, it would be irrefutable proof that he has committed the crime of visiting Adelaide.”