I’m a Celebrity contestants stuck in jungle in Africa, cut off from the outside world, have expressed surprise after Ten newsreader Sandra Sully jetted into the campsite to read a news bulletin.

The celebrities haven’t heard any news from at home or abroad during their time locked down in the camp and the news bulletin was intended to give them an insight into what was happening around the world.

But it wasn’t the headlines about Donald Trump, Australia, or the AFL that dumbfounded the celebrity detainees so much as the fact it was Sandra Sully reading them.

Celebrities couldn’t believe Sully was still reading the news

“Hang on a sec….is she still on the telly?” one asked.  “She’s been reading the news since I was five years old.”

“Pretty much every other newsreader gets sacked or moved on after a few years, how has she managed to hang on for so long?” one celebrity asked.  “Good luck to her I reckon.  She’s a bloody legend.”

Celebrities were shocked to learn Sully was still reading the news