We know the internet is full of advice, videos and make-up tutorials, but it seems that when it comes to hair and beauty, the simple messages aren’t getting through.  Women across Australia and around the world are still making some basic make-up mistakes.  Here are the six that you need to avoid…

A sandwich press is not a “simple alternative to a hair straightener”

Hair straightener broken and can’t afford to replace it just yet?  Well, do us one favour and AVOID using your flat-sandwich press as an alternative.  We know it gets piping hot, but not only do you run the risk of setting your hair on fire (ouch!), there’s a good chance that your luscious locks could be seared with the remnants of yesterday’s molten cheese.  NO THANKS LADIES!


Avoid using tomato sauce as a rouge.

It’s tempting because it’s cheap and readily available, but ladies, please.  SAVE YOUR KETCHUP FOR THE KITCHEN.  Although it will give you an instant red glow, the effect won’t last all day, and the sauce may drip down onto your clothes.  How embarrassing!


Glen 20 is not hairspray

Yes, it’s in a can.  Yes, it promises lemony freshness.  But you will regret using Glen 20 as an alternative to hairspray.  Not only will it do nothing to keep your hair in place on a windy day, it will also make you smell like you’re constantly trying to hide the odour of your pet cavoodle’s bum trumpet.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.



Don’t use bolt cutters to snip unsightly facial hairs

They are far too big and unwieldy and it is almost impossible to twist them in the right direction to get to your face  (we’ve tried!).  Instead, use some tweezers, or even ask your beautician to wax or bleach them – but put the bolt cutters down, you will never be able to make this work.

Taking a bath in Fanta is not a “quick and easy tanning solution”

But, but, but….it’s orange!  We know it’s orange, and despite hundreds of blogs promising that it’s an easy way to a quick tan, we’ve tested this and found it’s a total myth.  It takes hundreds of litres of Fanta to fill your average bath tub, so it’s just an expensive way to get very sticky.  Our tip?  Use a home tanning product, or shell out for a spray tan.

Think carefully about replacing your eyebrows with Nike swooshes

We value free expression and individual choice among our girl-tribe, so we’re not going to outright ban this increasingly popular look.  But one thing we will say is THINK CAREFULLY.  It takes forever for your brows to grow back, and unless you have the swooshes tattooed onto your face, you will need to retrace them with a black marking pen almost daily.  Do you really need that kind of work?

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