We were concerned this week at reports this week that a family had been refused permission to board a United Airlines plane because some of the women in the group were wearing leggings.  We didn’t think it was fair and to be quite frank with you we think that the airline’s refusal to allow women to wear tights on the plane is actually putting all passengers on the plane at risk.

Why so, you ask?  Read on.


In times of increased aviation security we are becoming more and more aware of the risks of terrorists trying to smuggle explosives and firearms aboard aircraft, often hidden under their clothes.

Surely if their clothing was tighter and more body hugging, we could eliminate this problem altogether.  Skin-tight clothing is the answer.

Do you think it would be possible for someone to smuggle a bomb on board a plane if they were wearing a pair of snug 2XU tights?  All bumpy and wires sticking out everywhere.  Good luck with that.

And what about the drug trade?  Could someone really strap a kilo of cocaine to their legs, Bali Nine style, if they had to stretch a pair of Lorna-Janes over the top?  You’d get a pat-down quicker than you could say boogie board bag.

Compression tights are also well know to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis on long haul flights and should be actually encouraged.  The new leggings-for-all aviation policy could save hundreds of lives.

So, in the interests of safety and security, we are demanding lycra for all.