The Bureau of Meteorology has apologised for a weather map of Cyclone Debbie that appeared to resemble a giant boob.  The map, which was intended to show the cyclone’s path, instead resembled Debbie suffering an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, with breast, areola and nipple on display to all.

“At first I thought I was on a porn site, not the weather bureau,” an observant viewer told Broken News.  “But when I checked, it was definitely the BOM website, so my next worry was that a giant breast was about to hit landfall, destroying everything in its path.

The Bureau of Meteorology has taken steps to reassure the public that they are not about to be wiped out by a breast with a circumference of several hundred kilometres.

“We can’t control the weather maps, I’m afraid,” a weather bureau spokesperson told Broken News.  “They show accurate data.”

“If it looks like a boob, it looks like a boob.  But that doesn’t mean it’s a boob.  It’s definitely a cyclone.  But it’s just a cyclone that looks like a boob.”

“We are sorry for any offence caused and want to reassure the public that they are safe.”