A new plan to address housing affordability could see young people able to access the generous superannuation schemes of career-politicians to help fund their home deposit.

The controversial proposal would see the super accounts of wealthy Labor, Liberal and Greens MP’s and Senators raided to help first-home buyers get a foothold in the market.

First-home buyers would be able to dip into pollies super to help get a deposit together

An earlier mooted plan suggested that young people should be able to access their own superannuation to help fund deposit, but under this scheme rich politicians would be targeted instead.

The Institute for Public Consciousness (IPC) study found that young people may never be able to afford a home of their own if the plan doesn’t go ahead.

“Politicians are paid more than 15% superannuation on top of their already generous salaries,” Ben Williams from the IPC told Broken News.  “Many of these fat-cats have millions of dollars tucked away in super.”

“And what’s more, they own and negatively-gear half a dozen properties themselves, so they are laughing all the way to the bank.”

Politicians are said to be furious about the proposal.

“Meanwhile Joe Average in the suburb is trying to scrape together a twenty percent deposit to buy a shoebox in the sticks.  It just doesn’t add up.”

A number of first-home buyers spoken to by Broken News supported the plan.

“Politicians have been taking our money for many years, so I think it’s time we start taking some of theirs,” one young couple told our reporter.  “Fair’s fair.”

Under the plan, first home-buyers would also be able to access politicians’ gold travel cards as well, in the event that they ever forget their Opal or Myki card on the way to work.

But the proposal is likely to face stiff opposition amongst parliamentarians with both Liberal and Labor likely to block the move, and One Nation MP’s saying they will only support the proposal if they can be assured that the money only comes from non One-Nation MP’s and is only supplied to non-Muslim Australians.