A ham sandwich sealed in a zip lock bag inside an office worker’s briefcase has once again been discarded, after a group of mates asked its owner if he wanted to join them for lunch at the food court downstairs.

The decadent selection of burritos, hokkein noodles, and even the offering of a 2-piece feed from the dirty-bird proved too much for the mid-level sales executive who had promised himself he was “going to be good and trying to save money this week.”

The sandwich discarded prior to the office worker’s visit to the nearby food court.

“Me and the girlfriend have been trying to save a bit more cash for our trip to Europe later in the year so I promised her I’d bring lunch to work every day,” the employee told Broken News.  “Well, it’s not a lie – I have been bringing my lunch to work – but I have still been going to the food court downstairs with the boys.”

An examination of the bin underneath the office worker’s desk reveals several other sandwiches have already been discarded this week.  Pictures obtained by Broken News show at least one of the sandwiches in a putrid state.

One of the sandwiches, showing clear signs of mould.

“It’s not something I’m proud of, but you’ve got to be real here.  A sanger from home is no match for some MSG from Changs in the food court downstairs,” he says.  “Never, ever.”

“It’s just so hard to get right.  I do all the groundwork.  I make the sandwich, put it in a glad bag and make sure it’s in a cooler in my work bag.  But I fall at the last hurdle.  The eating stage.  Going for a chow-mien or maccas with the boys is just a bit more fun.”