Granite and sandstone have been named odds-on favourites for the 2017 Rock eisteddfod, when the Grand Final of the annual event is held next week.

Both forms of rock have proven popular with the voting public in recent years and both are believed to be in exceptional form going into the final stages of the competition.

The Rock Eisteddfod was established in 1971 as a friendly contest between various forms of rock and stone, all vying for the title of Australia’s premier rock.

“Shale was extremely popular in the early years,” recalls veteran competition organiser Doug Francis. “But in the 1980s the emphasis turned to volcanic rocks and we saw many of those varieties share the winner’s podium.”

READY TO ROCK: Some of the competitors in the forthcoming eisteddfod.
READY TO ROCK: Some of the competitors in the forthcoming eisteddfod.

The gala event is expected to attract a who’s who of the glittering Australian rock industry, including geologists, mineralogists, miners and landscape gardeners.

The grand final is always a closely fought event, with a severe injury to one of the contestants in last year’s contest proving once and for all that you can get blood from a stone.

“This year, we hope for fewer injuries,” organisers told Broken News.  “We have placed limitations on jagged rocks participating this year and that should make a difference.”

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