The time in your car clock will be wrong for the next six months now that daylight saving has finished, sources have confirmed to Broken News.  Around half of the nation’s vehicles will be affected by the change, with the other half showing the correct time (after having been wrong time all summer).

A survey of car users of Australia has revealed that less than 23 percent of drivers know how to change the time on the clock in their car, and of that number, just 11 percent can actually be stuffed to change it to reflect the hour that was gained by a return to Eastern Standard Time at the weekend.

“There’s heaps of buttons, but I don’t know which one does the time,” Mazda 3 owner Tiffani told Broken News.  “I just keep remembering that 6pm actually means 5pm.”

“At first it is hard to remember and you get really weirded out by it, but eventually you just remember that the clock is wrong and you get used to it.”

Settle in, your clock has the wrong time until October.

The nation’s oven-clocks are also set to show the wrong time for most of the remainder of the year.

“Oven clocks are the hardest of all to change,” says John Appen from Genius Appliances.

“Typically you will need a degree in advanced mathematics or engineering in order to know the correct sequence of button pushing in order to get the correct time.”

You’ll need a rocket science degree to change the time on your oven.

But it’s not all bad news.  For people whose cars and ovens have been showing the wrong time over summer, the end of daylight saving means once again their clocks will be showing the correct time.