Salim Mehajer is facing fresh charges this morning after the Fashion Crimes Unit (FCU) of the NSW Police issued him with a court attendance notice relating to a hideous purple suit worn by him at the weekend.

Mehajer had been taken into custody over other matters early on Sunday morning, but the FCU conducted its own investigation and has since pressed several fashion related charges against the former deputy mayor of Melbourne over his embarrassingly ridiculous choice of suit.

Among the charges, Mr Mehajer has been accused of impersonating film star Austin Powers, with the purple suit that bears a striking resemblance to the costume worn by Mike Meyers when he played the title role in the hit film franchise.

Separated at birth? Is Salim Mehajer channeling Austin Powers?

An FCU spokesperson told Broken News that Mehajer’s loathsome suit could not be tolerated under any circumstances.

“We usually like to issue alleged offenders with warning notices first, but in this case we had to immediately charge Mr Mehajer,” the spokesperson said.  “A number of our officers were physically sick at actually seeing the heinous shade of both the trousers and jacket that he was wearing.”

“Literally the only people who should be wearing purple on a weekend in Australia are Melbourne Storm or Fremantle Dockers players.  And even then we take a very dim view of their fashion choices.”

Mr Mejaher often cuts a striking figure in elegant and expensive suits, so many witnesses were left to wonder whether his weekend fashion choice was a momentary brain snap.

“He looked like Grimace” one witness told Broken News.

“Some say he looked like Austin Powers, but I personally felt like he was channeling Grimace,” one witness to the arrest told Broken News.