Police are urging supporters not to leave their flat screen televisions outside their homes as a mark of support for talented journalist Natasha Exelby, after large numbers of TV’s were stolen from verandahs and patios.

The hashtag #PutYourTvOutForTash started with one fan’s well meaning gesture and has now become a trending topic on social media.  It encouraged Aussies to “Put Out Their TV” as a mark of support for the television host, whose treatment by the ABC has been roundly criticised for what was a harmless and adorable gaffe.

Police say dozens of flat-screen, LCD and plasma televisions have been stolen, after fans were keen to rally behind the newsreader, leaving TV’s on their doorsteps in the wake of what was a simple mistake, the kind repeated by almost every experienced newsreader around the world.

They have warned the public to find the ways to show their solidarity with the television host.

Police say that while the support for Exelby and protest against the ABC is encouraging, leaving an expensive television unsecured on a patio or verandah can be disastrous.

“There are lots of other ways to show your support,” Inspector Darren Wilkinson told Broken News.  “Light a candle, write a letter, or even switch off the ABC in your house for good.  But please don’t leave your expensive TV on your doorstep, as it may prove to tempting for thieves.”