United Airlines has announced what it has described as an “exciting new pricing structure” for passengers travelling domestic routes on its US air service which will allow passengers to wear leggings on flights and help them avoid forced removal from planes by law enforcement.

The US carrier has previously maintained low fares by charging passengers an extra $25 for checked baggage and additional fees for on-board premium snacks and priority boarding.  But now the airline has discovered a whole new revenue stream in the form of its “leggings supplement”.

The airline’s exciting new surcharge system.

The company was recently in the headlines for refusing to allow women dressed in leggings to board a flight, but has today confirmed that it will relax its current policy on women wearing the tight fitting garments aboard its aircraft, provided they pay a $50 supplement when booking tickets.

The company announced the news in a media release earlier today.

“It’s just like booking extra baggage or reserving an exit row seat,” the company’s press statement announced.

“Customers will be able to select the ‘right to wear leggings’ option, when they are purchasing tickets online via our website.”

Just $50 will buy women the right to wear leggings on board.

But the airline’s most controversial new policy is a new, $80 charge which will give passengers an “absolute guarantee that they won’t be removed from an airplane by law enforcementwith blood streaming down their face simply because the airline has overbooked the flight”.

Simply by paying $80 customers will be able to avoid scenes like this.

“We will continue our long held tradition of overbooking flights and passengers will still risk being asked to leave the aircraft if we have too many passengers,” a spokesperson said.

“But passengers who agree to pay this additional $80 fee will be allowed to retain their seat and will not run any risk of head injury as a result of forced removal from our service by law enforcement or our own security.”

The airline says it is updating its online booking system today and the new fee structure should be in place this evening.