An office worker in the payroll department of a prominent Melbourne architecture firm says he will probably just add an extra digit to the number in his password when prompted to update it when next logging into his work computer.

The worker agreed to reveal his security protocol to Broken News under the strictest of confidence.

“Our work computers prompt us to change passwords every month or so,” he told us.  “And they go through this whole elaborate bullshit, of counting down the days to when it runs out.”

“I like to take an Indiana Jones approach to it, just sliding under the door at the last minute on the last day.”

VIDEO: Last Minute Approach to password change

“To be honest even if you forget, you can just ring the IT guys and they will change it for you.”

“And they’ve got this whole stupid thing where it needs capital letters, and numbers and bloody smiley faces or whatever, but I just add an extra 1 on the end.”

“My password is Carlton54 right because Carlton is my footy club,” he continued. “And so tomorrow when I change it, it will be Carlton55.”

“I know it’s not the most secure way to do it, but mate, if someone wants to log on and do my work for me, then good luck to them, they can do it.”

EDITOR’s NOTE: Broken News encouraged the man to change his password to something completely different before this story went live.