With the Sydney property market in high demand and prices soaring, several real estate agents and websites have announced they will soon start charging for people to just look at properties online.

Sydneysiders’ love affair with real estate “property porn” could soon pay big dividends for both agents and owners.

“The market is so overheated an supercharged, we reckon we can get away with it,” one Eastern Suburbs agent told Broken News.  “We know a lot of people are looking at places that they simply can’t afford.  This new browsing fee is our way of sorting out the really motivated buyers.”

“To be honest, this will also help us get rid of the time-wasters who only have 800k or so to spend, who frankly, shouldn’t be living in Sydney anyway,” the spivvy agent told us.

“We are definitely talking property porn, and so we are taking an approach similar to the porno sites.” another agent told us. “You will be able to browse some of the properties for free, but if you want to salivate over the rest of the market, you will have to stump up a credit card.”

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Consumers will be able to pay a monthly subscription fee which will allow unlimited browsing of properties that they can’t afford.

“The porn comparison is a good one,” one industry expert told us. “For most people, owning a house in Sydney is just an elaborate fantasy that will never, ever happen to them in real life.”

The agents and sites will market the browsing plans as a cost-effective way of young buyers getting a foothold into the market.

“I mean sure they can’t own a place themselves just yet, but this gives them a chance to at least own the rights to look at a picture of a house, any time they want,” the agent told us.

“That’s better than nothing right?”

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