Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been caught impersonating a stand-up comedian, after a few minutes of cringeworthy material at the Parliament House mid-winter ball.

The speech, which included a Donald Trump impression, has been criticised by seasoned comedians as “worse than open mic night at the Newbury Hotel, even after eight schooners” and has been lambasted for putting Australia in a precarious diplomatic position.

“He’s a merchant banker, not a stand-up,” one irate comedian told Broken News.  “If he’s doing any jokes, he should just stick to dad jokes out of that book that Kochie made and leave the actual laughs to the grown-ups.”

Audio of the stand-up material was leaked to the Nine Network’s Laurie Oakes and contains segments of Mr Turnbull mimicking the speaking style of the US President and alluding to jokes about Russians.

It’s understood Mr Turnbull had to be assisted from the lectern as he attempted to move from a Trump impression to impressions of other world leaders, as he started to sing I’m So Ronery in the style of Kim Jong-Un from Team America: World Police.

Mr Turnbull was stopped before he was able to perform an impression of ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.