The producers of Saturday Night Live say Malcolm Turnbull has been unsuccessful in his attempt to audition for the role of Donald Trump in the program, sources tell Broken News.

Mr Turnbull mimicked the style of the US President in a speech to journalists and politicians at parliament’s mid-winter ball last night, which Broken News reported on earlier today here.  The speech was considered by many to be an open-audition for a role on the American program.

Sources tell Broken News that Mr Turnbull, planning for a life after politics, has been seeking to unseat Alec Baldwin from his highly popular role on Saturday Night Live.  The successful coup would be in a fashion similar to his knifing of Tony Abbott for the Prime Ministership, some years ago.

But the producers of the US comedy series say they have no plans for Mr Turnbull to succeed Mr Baldwin.

“We are very happy with Mr Baldwin’s performance and we aren’t looking for change,” NBC told Broken News in a statement.  “While we thank the Mr Turnbull for his interest and audition, we believe he would be better suited to impersonating the role of Prime-Minister, which he has successfully been doing these past few years.”