Law enforcement sources say they are worried that Donald Trump will be able to escape capture if eventually arrested because his hands are too small for any of their standard issue handcuffs.

A team from the FBI has been tasked with finding a solution to the problem, which is a contingency in the event that the President is impeached and ultimately indicted by a grand jury.  With rumours circulating in DC that proceedings could be imminent, the secret task force is said to be working “around the clock” on a solution.

“Him escaping because the cuffs are too big is my greatest fear,” an FBI agent told Broken News on condition of anonymity.  “I mean imagine if we finally caught him, only to have him escape from custody because his tiny hands slipped out of those cuffs.  It would be an utter disaster.”

It’s understood the FBI Taskforce, working under the codename Project X, has been developing a set of miniature handcuffs that will fit on the President’s tiny hands, holding him securely in the event of arrest and incarceration.  Broken News has learned that the cuffs were developed at a secret lab with the assistance of Pentagon and Department of Defence engineers.

TINY: The miniature handcuffs being produced by the FBI’s Project X

“It’s still not clear if we will need them, but we’ve been told they have to be ready to go any day now,” the agent told Broken News.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer would not address the issue directly at his daily briefing, saying that the president’s constant use of Twitter is proof that “his hands work perfectly fine.”