Peter Dutton, the minister who couldn’t spot an enormous boom microphone literally centimetres above his head has been made the head of literally every Australian spy agency.

Political watchers say it’s the equivalent of giving the job to Maxwell Smart, Inspector Gadget or Austin Powers.

“To be honest, they’d probably do a better job,” one political operative told Broken News.

It’s like giving the job to Maxwell Smart: Insiders

The Minister has been made head of a new agency which brings together Federal Police, ASIO and the Australian Border Force: quite literally every secret that Australia needs to protect.  And the move has insiders worried.

But just two years ago Dutton showed how inept he can be at keeping secrets or being alert, when he was recorded joking about rising sea levels while being recorded by news cameras and microphones.

There’s a mic up there mate.

It took Scott Morrison to warn his fellow politician, and the embarrassing incident led to Mr Dutton making a grovelling apology.

The government says we needn’t worry and that Dutton has been given special training as well as an advanced spy kit to prepare him for what lies ahead.

Mr Dutton is understood to have had great fun playing with the spy kit so far.