A private members bill in favour of voluntary euthanasia will be extended to allow painless death for men whose wives and girlfriends have forced them to watch The Bachelor.  The controversial Victorian legislation will be debated in state parliament and could be rolled out nationwide if successful.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews told Broken News that although the new laws were controversial, he hoped that it may provide comfort to those facing months of pain as a result of losing control of the remote control.

“We think that this is a more humane alternative to being forced to endure an entire season of Matty J and the goings-on in the bachie pad,” the Premier said.  “And lets not forget, The Bachelorette comes straight on after The Bachelor, so it will be almost summer until the blokes of Australia get the remote control back.  No one should be forced to wait that long.”

(Photo: Network Ten)

Right to life groups have opposed the legislation, which was initially introduced to assist dignity in death for the most unwell of terminal patients.

“This is an example of the slippery slope we were talking about,” one campaigner posted on Facebook.  “At first it’s just for cancer patients and before you know it, any bloke who doesn’t want to watch The Bachelor can sign up for it.  We are in very dangerous territory.”

The legislation will be debated in parliament in coming weeks.