• Walkley Award organisers say they’re moving with the times
  • New awards recognise the importance of dash cams in modern journalism
  • A new award for plagiarism has also been announced

The Walkley Foundation has sparked outrage after introducing several categories in its prestigious awards for journalism.  In 2017, for the first time, the awards will include a gong for Best Coverage of a Road-Rage Incident on a Dash-Cam.

Event organisers say there is still time for television networks and clickbait websites to submit their nominations in the new category, provided the videos that they submit have been lifted directly from public Facebook pages where they have already gone viral.

“We’re moving with the times and recognising how important dash-cam recordings of road-rage and motor traffic accidents are in shaping modern journalism,” the Walkley Awards convenor told Broken News in a statement.

To qualify for the award, the video must be somewhat pixelated as a result of ripping the video directly from Facebook page and entries with more than ten swearing “beeps” will also be looked upon favourably.

Public Transport Racism

In another bold move, The Walkleys have also introduced a category for Best Mobile Phone Coverage of a Racism Incident on Public Transport.

“For too long, trained camera operators and photographers have been at the forefront of journalism awards, but now we are passing the baton to citizen journalists who themselves record racists on buses and trains,” the statement from the Walkley Foundation reads.

Award entries which are filmed in landscape rather than portrait mode will receive favourable treatment by judges, however points will be deducted if the videos include Snapchat filters, such as the animated licking dog face, are covering the alleged offenders face.

Creative Copy’n’Paste

The last of the new awards will recognise outstanding achievements in the field of stealing stories directly from competitors’ websites and newspapers.

Known as the Creative Copy’n’Paste Award, entrants will be encouraged to submit a body of work which demonstrates the their commitment to “borrowing” the ideas of others throughout the year.  Event organisers say that they are in talks with The Daily Mail for a ten-year sponsorship of the category from 2017 onwards.