The NSW State Government has given the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta for free after it was unable to sell the ageing monstrosity on classifieds website Gumtree.

Premier Gladys Berejikilian said that the government received a number of calls after placing the ad, but said “most of them were just tyre-kickers and time wasters”, and out of frustration has decided to give the museum as a hand-me-down to Sydney’s West.

“We thought we could get fifty bucks for the museum, which we thought was a fair price, because let’s face it, it’s pretty sh*t and doesn’t even have any dinosaurs,” a spokesperson for the Premier told Broken News.  “But no one even wanted to give us that much for it, so we’ve decided to just give it away for free.”

“Western Sydney is just gagging for stuff that the city doesn’t want any more, so they were more than happy to take it off us.  They’re actually picking it up tomorrow, if they can find a friend with a ute.”

The education department says the movement of the museum to Parramatta is a win for school students.

“Look to be honest, a school excursion to the Powerhouse will now give Eastern Suburbs kids a richer education experience,” the museum’s curator told Broken News.  “Many of these stuck up kids have never been west of Anzac Parade so going to Parra on a train via Granville will be a real eye-opener.”