The Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has withdrawn his threats to “pulverise” the United States, and “burn it to the ground”, saying that he is “happy sit back and watch while the American president allow his own country to destroy itself.”

Kim Jong Un has recalled the ballistic missiles which had been primed to strike at Guam at any moment, saying that he no longer needed a strategic capacity to destroy the USA.

“To be honest, I finally met my match in Donald Trump,” Jong-Un told North Koreans in an address to the nation.  “I didn’t think anyone could be crazier than me, or more happy to watch his own country burn to the ground in a blaze of destruction that could have easily been avoided.  But turns out that Donald is the man.”

Kim Jong Un watching through binoculars
Kim Jong Un watching through binoculars

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The North Korean dictator said that he was watching, with interest, the outbreak of civil war in the United States, at any moment.  “We will take a keen interest and will be observing closely,” the dictator told his people”

It’s understood the secretive Ukranian arms dealer from whom North Korea is believed to have a 30-day no questions asked refund policy, and the dear leader says he hopes that he may be able to get the money he spent on nuclear brinkmanship, returned in full.

“It’s just like K-Mart, you don’t even need a receipt,” he said. “So fingers crossed.”

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