Sydney identity John Ibrahim is not considering a move to the children’s group The Wiggles, despite concerns that a more family friendly job could help him reinvent his profile.

The entertainment venue owner has had his movements closely watched by both the news media and police in recent weeks after members of his extended family had been arrested in a major international drug syndicate investigation.

Digitally Altered Image

“I reckon joining the Wiggles could be one of the best things John could do,” one entertainment reporter told Broken News.

“He definitely needs an image overhaul, and a coloured skivvy could be just the answer.  Performing daytime matinee shows would surely be a welcome relief after so many all-nighters working at his various nightspots.”

As a nightclub owner, Ibrahim has experience in the music industry and experts say if he worked hard, he could easily remember the lyrics to hits such as Hot Potato and Big Red Car in no time.

But sources who know Ibrahim tell Broken News he would never consider a move to the group and dismissed the suggestions completely.