Galeforce winds have blown the city of Sydney approximately 1400km west, leaving the Harbour City as South Australia’s newest attraction.

Shocked witnesses have spoken in disbelief about how winds sent the entire city flying.

“At first the wind was just annoying, you know, a few delays at the airport, and ruining a few girls blowdrys, but then it just got out of control,” one witness said.

“Mate, it just picked up the whole thing, Harbour Bridge, Opera House, everything and just flung it,” another told Broken News. ¬†“The whole place just totally disappeared.”

Sydney has been blown west into South Australia

“The last thing I saw was Centrepoint Tower going like an Olympic javelin over Broken Hill,” a witness from the country reported.

The wind had been building for most of the day, before one severe gust uprooted the city, including all of its buildings, homes, roads and transport infrastructure and sent it 1400km to the west.

The entire population of Sydney of four million people was uprooted during the chaos, before landing softly midway between Broken Hill and Adelaide.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said she had no idea how the metropolis would be returned to its original city and indicated that “residents may just have to make do with living in South Australia now.”

The dramatic uprooting of the city may have one positive impact, with a cooling of Sydney property prices now that waterfront mansions have relocated to the South Australian desert.

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